About Us

Lap of Luxury Scrubs, LLC. was founded with a purpose and mission in mind, and that was to give you the best scrubs full of stretch and comfort. We cater to every body type ranging from XS-5XL. We don't believe in leaving ANYONE behind! Our scrubs offer full coverage, leaving you feeling confident in your own skin!

I have been in the healthcare industry since 2008, so scrubs have always been my "work uniform." I personally know what I like, and how I want my scrubs to fit, and with these "luxurious" high-end scrubs, I am definitely satisfied, and hopefully you are too! Our scrubs are trendy, sporty, stretchy, fashionable, and the list goes on and on. When it comes to your scrub needs, look no further! Lap of Luxury Scrubs looks forward to being your scrub retailer.

With Love,
Jasmin Brown, CEO/Owner